How it works

We’ve been providing seasonal, organic veg boxes to the local community since 1994. Delivered weekly, and harvested within a day of arriving at your front door – our veg box delivery serivce is the freshest way to get your veg! You can order, pay and adjust your veg box order through our easy to use platform, Ooooby. Click the big green button above to get started – or click here.

Whilst we don’t currently offer an entirely bespoke veg box creation service –  wherever possible we will try to accommodate your personal preferences. We’re happy to address your personal dislikes and offer a seasonally available alternative in their place. For example, some customers have no potatoes, and we substitute extra carrots or other root vegetables. Get in touch and let us know what your ideal veg box looks like, and we’ll do our best to create it.

We currently offer 3 sizes of veg box – you can explore these boxes, and find a sample of what our boxes typically look like here. The size suitable for your household will depend on your lifestyle and needs.

All our veg boxes contain a range of produce that is highly seasonal. What your box contains will vary from week to week, depending on this seasonal availability – we plan and plant to include a variety of produce throughout the year, that won’t leave you bored with recieving one particular item, week after week.

Small Box – £16.17  

Box typically contains 7 items  

Your veg box staples include: 800g potatoes, 400g carrots & 400g onions.  

Medium Box – £22.66  

Box typically contains 9-10 items 

Your veg box staples include: 1kg potatoes, 500g carrots & 500g onions. 

Large Box – £25.85  

Box typically contains 10-11 items 

Your veg box staples include: 1.2kg potatoes, 600g carrots & 600g onions.

The boxes are returnable and reusable, please leave them out for collection with your next delivery.