Northdown Orchard is a 12-acre farm & market garden nestled in the Hampshire countryside, just  outside the village of Overton. The farm was established in 1990 and we’ve been growing veg, and developing our methods since then. We provide organically grown, seasonal veg boxes to the local area. our first veg boxes were delivered in 1994 and we’re still delivering to some of our first customers to this day. 

The farm is a diverse patchwork of polytunnels & vegetable patches, native hedgerows, herbs, wildflowers and tree’s – which creates a haven for wildlife – We are also home to kestrels, kites and buzzards, bees, butterflies & insects, a variety of songbirds and even bats. Encouraging biodiversity and supporting wildlife is central to the farms vision of organic farming. 

Northdown Orchard has been certified organic by the soil association since its inception and they inspect us annually to ensure that we meet their standards for organic farming – their certification assures our customers that these standards are being consistently met by us (and that we’re able to prove it!).  

By choosing to be a certified organic farm, we are committing to growing your food in a responsible way that is good for you, the planet and the future.  

You can find out more about organics, the soil association and their standards here.  


Ash Andrew  

Ash takes the lead with the day-to-day operations, and is your first point of contact, here on the farm. From planning & planting to harvesting and packing your veg box, its their job to ensure your veg is readily available, healthy, fresh & delivered to you on time!  

Ash is a self described‘ nature boy’, with a passion for growing veg, connecting people with their food, and local landscape. He was worked as a grower and gardener in various roles for a decade, and has worked at Northdown Orchard for over a year . 

Mike Fisher

Mike is the founder of Northdown Orchard, and after 30 years of being the sole manager of the farm operation, he is now working in partnership with Ash and providing the opportunity to grow to the next generation of growers. Stepping back from day to day operations to be the tractor driver for field-scale cultivations and delivering the weekly veg boxes. He will offer ongoing mentoring and support to Ash.

As a passionate advocate of all things organic, Mike has collaborated with the Organic Research Centre planting pollinating strips in some of our polytunnels, as well as having written articles for the Organic Growers Alliance and other publications.