Northdown Orchard

Salad Flowers

Viola flowers
Viola flowers

For a couple of years we have experimented with growing beds of salad flowers. Calendula (pot marigold), Cornflower, Viola (viola tricolour, Heartsease, wild pansy) and Borage. We grow multi-sown blocks that we plant through bio-degradable mulch to give a clean, weed free, crop. We have struggled to match production, marketing and harvest labour for the fresh flowers. However the growing techniques have provided the foundation for the annual herbs that go into our teas and herb products.

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Farm Open Day Sunday 26th September 2021

guided farm tours, farm stall with fresh produce and plant sales, more details here

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We can now accept new customers for deliveries in Overton, Oakley, North Waltham, Dummer, Basingstoke and Old Basing. Seasonal vegetables and salads harvested all year round. Order your local, organic, quality veg box here


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