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Farmhouse at Northdown Orchard

Many visitors are surprised and delighted to find that I got the opportunity to build my own farmhouse. The procedures for gaining planning permission for an "agricultural dwelling" were fairly clearly laid out in the old PPG7 Annex E. a government 'bonfire of red tape' did away with PPG7 but LPAs through the Local Plan still apply similar guidelines. You need to show that the farm business meets an economic test (will it make enough money to pay a wage to the worker) and a functional test (that there is a need to live on site).

My article "How to get Planning Permission to Live on the Land" (pdf, 139 K) was first published in 1997 and is now out of date but offers a good start. For more up to date information see Chapter 7.

I can offer advice and support in preparing a business plan and agricultural statements in support of planning applications for agricultural dwellings.

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