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As well as growing culinary herbs such as basil, coriander, sage and parsley we have also been growing tea herbs and a range of medicinal herbs.

This is a new enterprise for the farm and is a joint effort between Terrence Williams MNIMH herbalist, Nick Quinn medicinal horticulturalist and Mike Fisher organic grower. Nick is developing a new range of tea blends from herbs that are growing here. Terry is bringing his experience as a herbalist to develop a range of 100% organic herbal shampoos, creams and lotions. All herbs will be grown at Northdown and all other ingredients are organic.

We offered herb teas at last year's open days. This year we will be expanding the range and later in the year will be offering herb teas as extras for the boxes, mail order and wholesale.

We are also developing a range of fully organic herb products from herbs grown at the farm. We are still planting new beds of herbs and have built a drying and processing space in the barn.

Nick and Terry planting tea beds Easter 2013
Nick and Terry planting tea beds Easter 2013

Camomile flowers



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Coming Up

Farm Open Day Sunday 26th September 2021

guided farm tours, farm stall with fresh produce and plant sales, more details here

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