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Northdown Orchard is a small family farm of just 12 acres. We grow and harvest a wide range of salads, herbs and vegetables all year round in our fields and greenhouses. All fresh produce is harvested, packed and delivered on the same day only possible with small grower operated box deliveries.

We hope that you will want to share in our honest to nature produce.

The boxes and bags contain a range of produce that changes with the weeks and seasons. Wherever possible we will try to accommodate your personal preferences.

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Bag - 14.70 (usually 6-7 items, typically 1kg potatoes, onions, carrots, cabbage or broccoli or cauliflower, salad leaves or lettuce, other items e.g. tomatoes and cucumber in summer; leeks, swede or parsnips in winter)

Box - 20.60 (usually 10 items, typically 1.5kg potatoes, onions, carrots, cabbage or broccoli or cauliflower, salad leaves or lettuce, other items e.g. tomatoes [cherry and full size], cucumber, peppers in summer; leeks, swede, parsnips, squash or garlic in winter)

Box - 23.50 (usually 11-12 items, typically 2kg potatoes, larger quantities of carrots, onions and root vegetables, similar to a 14.80 box but extra items such as aubergines or mushrooms)

What size box or bag you require depends not just on the size of your household but also how often you cook with fresh produce.

Substitution - We are able to accommodate, within reason, dislikes and offer substitutions in their place. For example, some customers have no potatoes and we put in extra carrots or other root vegetables. Crops such as beetroot appear to be the 'marmite' of the vegetable world with some customers emphatically "no beetroot" with others requesting extra when available.

Delivery - Free delivery in the Basingstoke area. To ensure a genuinely local and personal service we presently deliver to Overton, South Litchfield, Steventon, Oakley and Basingstoke.

We deliver to your door on Wednesday. Customers tend to sign up to a regular delivery but can cancel or amend their delivery upto 07.00 Tuesday before the Wednesday delivery. You can amend your order through the Ooooby account .

The boxes and bags are returnable and reusable, please leave them out for collection with your next delivery.

Payment - you can set up card payments through your account

Vegboxes. Image by Kelley Jordan Photography
Kelley Jordan Photography

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Coming Up

Farm Open Day Sunday 26th September 2021

guided farm tours, farm stall with fresh produce and plant sales, more details here

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We can now accept new customers for deliveries in Overton, Oakley, North Waltham, Dummer, Basingstoke and Old Basing. Seasonal vegetables and salads harvested all year round. Order your local, organic, quality veg box here


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